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Marijuana Recipes with the Cannabis Cook

Hello all from your favorite”Baking Friend” the Cannabis Cook…an Expert in my own mind at cooking with cannabis and working with marijuana recipes.

  • Note: cooking with marijuana is no secret, and has been a ritual process of marijuana for most, if not all of it’s existence. As most things…..Its not how many people do it…Its how creative and different at doing it…You Are : ]
  • Second Note/Warning: Once again you have to be careful with the dosage you administer yourself… cannabis consumed, is one of the only ways one can logically overdose…..due to the fact that it takes 30 – 120 minutes to take effect. If you consume more before your dosage has fully been realized….you may be in big trouble…
  • Final Note: Cooking and eating cannabis is the safest method to use cannabis medicinally, as it won’t have the carcinogens and negative aspects, that smoking and other methods inherently have.

– That Stuff outta the way, lets get on to the Cannabis Cooking –

Main Ingredients for Cooking with Cannabis

Marijuana Flour

How to make Cannabis (Marijuana) Flour

Add as much Marijuana/Cannabis as you want to turn into flour (you may use the leaf or the bud)

When making flour from bud, make sure you remove all seeds, and stems

Place the weed into a food processor (coffee grinder) and grind to a fine powder.

This is called  Ganja Flour, but really all it is, is a base for all Cannabis made goods….. as you will learn when you join the Cannabis Cooks growing Edible Cannabis Empire.

Marijuana Butter Recipe

Place 1 pound of regular butter into a large saucepan of boiling water to begin the process.(One pound of butter is usually one stick of butter for all you beginners)

Stirring occasionally until butter melts into the water.

Add 1 cup of your Cannabis (marijuana) flour that you learned to make in the recipe above, and slowly add it into the saucepan of melted butter and water.

Let the mixture of butter, water and ganja, low boil for about 30 minutes, stirring often so it does not resinate at the bottom of saucepan.

After 30 mins of slow boiling, it is time to strain the liquid from the solid matter. To do this, you can use Cheese Cloth which is found in any grocery store of preference, or you may use your mothers brand new out the box stockings which will give you the same results (just make sure mom doesn’t get upset and cut off your Galactic Munchies Cooking Extravaganza, if she does catch you….quickly slip her a brownie and dip).

Using the cheese cloth or as mentioned before strainer of choice, strain the Cannabis oil directly into a mixing bowl. You may repeat the straining process and do a second straining, but it’s not required.

The used bud material is then discarded, as there is no value left in the strained cannabis matter.

To finish the process of making the butter, allow the mixing bowl with  strained THC, butter and water sit on the counter to cool. Then pour into a baking dish suitable to hold the water and marijuana butter, and then place in refrigerator for a couple of hours and let ingredients solidify.

During this process, the THC and butter will solidify at the top of the bowl, and the water and other unnecessary particles will remain liquid underneath your soon to be Space Age cooking fuel.


What cannabis butter looks like :

After a couple hours of cooling, the butter and the psychoactive THC have joined forces on top of the liquid( due to the fact that THC adheres to the fat in the butter). You may scoop out this space age marijuana cannabutter and begin a Cannabis Cooking Extravaganza.

Our doses according to ingredients mentioned would be 1 to 2 teaspoons of butter per serving (equal to about 1-2 grams of psychoactive grass). You may increase doses, but follow instructions until you determine what the proper dosage for you would be. R

emember, Cannabis Cook uses fresh ingredients and our doses should be enough to get any dinner party, on a whole other topic of conversation. Don’t be concerned about the Hi lighter green butter you have just prepared, it will not affect any of your recipes, it will just make your tasters want  seconds.

Cook on my Friends.

Cannabis Oil

Making Marijuana infused Olive Oil (it will no longer be Virgin let me tell ya)

Start with exactly 28 ounces of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To that, add exactly 28 ounces of your favorite marijuana flour.

Stir it up with a stirring appliance or in a blender at a slow mix speed. When one mixes the oil and the marijuana flour together, the oil breaks down the tri-chromes and the psychoactive substances and suspends them into the No longer “Virgin” Olive oil.

Quick FACT: When you eat marijuana, the liver converts it into 11 hydroxy THC…the 11 hydroxy THC is 4 times stronger than the conventional smoking technique of taking in THC.  This time, you do not need to strain your product, just bottle it and refrigerate for one week…then enjoy within one week.

Recommended dose is 1 ounce of Olive oil equals about 1 gram of Marijuana – Cannabis Cook recommended dosage.

Is the Cannabis Cook Your Friend or What?

You bet he is. He just dropped the 4 main methods for making the essential ingredients for turning the heat up on your cooking projects….A LOT Higher : ]

Now you can use the butter in any recipes that have butter in the them already. Just remember that one spoonful of cannabutter is equal to about a gram of potent Ganja.

You can use the oil similarly but is best used in salad dressings and making sauces etc

Hopefully you’ll try out lots of varieties, and remember to check back ,as we will constantly be updating our  breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and gourmet marijuana recipes.

The Cannabis Cook