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Cannabis Cooking with the Cannabis Cook

I’m the Cannabis Cook and will be your host and guide through the world of cooking with cannabis.

On this Journey we will be breaking down the basics of cannabis cooking, including:

  • Cannabis Butter ( Canna Butter )
  • Cannabis Oil ( Canna Oil )
  • Cannabis Flour ( Canna Flour )


  • A variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert recipes including some Famous Pot Brownie Recipes

Cannabis Cook Site Goals 🙂

I will be working hard to continually update the site with the most delicious marijuana recipes and edible specialties. I’ll also be adding an “all things marijuana” reviews page, that will include: marijuana gadgets, strain reviews, as well as a cannabis cooking blog.

So Remember…Check Back Often…Cuz the Cannabis Cook…Is Dishin Deliciousness!

cannabis cooking with the cannabis cook